Community Development has been taught at The University of Queensland since 1976. Community Development is recognised as one of the School’s core areas of teaching, research and community service.

The members of the Community Development Unit are comprised of UQ academics and PhD candidates with an advisory committee consisting of local and international practitioners and community development scholars. The Community Development Unit was endorsed at School Council in September 2008.


The Community Development Unit has two broad goals:

  • To foster a vibrant and cooperative culture of research and teaching around community development with the School of Social Work and Human Services.
  • To engage in dialogue with local and international practitioners in order to promote better teaching, research and practice in the issues.

The Community Development Unit endeavors to achieve these through the following activities:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Research
  • Higher Degree Research Supervision
  • Collaboration with local and international practitioners and other individuals or agencies interested in Community Development
  • Conferences and Symposia
  • Consultancies

Community Development Courses

The School of Social Work and Human Services currently offers two (2) CD subjects at undergraduate level and eight (8) subjects at postgraduate level

Undergraduate Subjects

SWSP2288 Community Development: Local and International Practices
SWSP4213 Community Development

Postgraduate Subjects

SWSP7093 Community Development Method & Analysis
SWSP7103 Frameworking for Community Development Practice
SWSP7113 Training Frameworks for Community Development Practice
SWSP7123 Community Planning, Engagement and Governance
SWSP7133 Community Development Practice in International Contexts
SWSP7360 Research Report (Community Development)
SWSP7368 Advanced Practicum 2
SWSP7433 Community Economic Development: Local & International

More information

For further information about the Community Development Unit please contact Dr. Peter Westoby (Chair of the Community Development Unit) on