In line with the Guidelines for Late Submission of Progressive Assessment under my Advisor a submitted application for extension must use the Application for Extension of Progressive Assessment form.

Either a medical certificate or documentation to support the exceptional circumstances must be attached to the application. A student’s declaration on the application form or a statutory declaration is not sufficient corroboration (proof) of exceptional circumstances. An extension made on medical grounds will be for the number of days for which the medical certificate indicates the student was unwell and will not exceed 14 days. Students who are ill for more than 14 days may wish to apply for withdrawal without academic penalty.

The application must be submitted before the assessment is due, or if for medical reasons as soon as possible.

All applications must be submitted electronically to, front office of the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work (Chamberlain building, level 3).

Applications are not to be submitted to the course coordinator directly.  The course coordinator will assess and approve or deny the extensions.

The outcome of the application will, generally, be emailed to the student within two (2) business days, counted from when the submission of the application for extension is being made. Where an extension is not approved penalties will apply for late submission of the work.

 Students on a Student Access Plan (Disability) SAPD with a clause on extension requests being accepted by the Course Coordinator must still adhere to the extensions request policy outlined. If medical certificates / supporting documentation have already been supplied centrally to Student Services, students may outline their current situation in a note attached to the application, with reference to the access plan.