Our nursing and midwifery programs comprise courses that have lectures and problem-based learning groups, incorporated with clinical experiences in a simulated setting in selected teaching hospitals and community health facilities. Attending clinical placements is not automatic. To qualify, you must complete a number of compulsory tasks and submit mandatory documentation to the School by the deadline of 22 February 2019.
The Pre-commencement Guide provides you with a list of the requirements, which you must complete, as well as background information on why these tasks are necessary, and instructions on how to complete each task.

Download the Pre-commencement Guide (PDF, 951 KB)

Download the Immunisations Form how to Guide (PDF, 890 KB)

The Pre-Commencement Guide is for students enrolled in these programs:
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Midwifery
  • Bachelor of Nursing / Bachelor of Midwifery
  • Master of Nursing Studies.


The deadline to complete your compulsory tasks and submit mandatory documentation is 22 February 2019.

Where to submit

After you have accepted your offer and have enrolled into Semester 1 courses you will be given access to ‘InPlace’ where you will submit your pre-commencement requirements. InPlace is an online placement system that allocates your clinical placement and allows us to track your pre-commencement requirements. This removes the need for you to come into the school office to give us your paperwork. Please refer to the InPlace: How to Guide for instructions on how to submit your requirements.

Download the InPlace: How to Guide (PDF, 675 KB)


If you have any questions, contact:

NMSW Student Administration
Phone: (07) 3365 2068
Email: nmsw@uq.edu.au