Researcher biography

Program Convenor - Master of Nurse Practitioner Studies

Haakan (pronounced Hawk-an) is originally from Sweden where he received his Masters in Social Science, majoring in Education. The degree was specifically concerned with curriculum development and educational competence in a postgraduate program for ambulance specialist nurses.

Haakan became a registered nurse (RN) in 1982 and a Nurse Anaesthetist (CRNA) in 1986. His nursing experiences in Sweden have been in many different areas, including: intensive care, anaesthetics, ambulance helicopter services and HIV-care. Subsequently, Haakan worked as a lecturer in the Department of Nursing at the prestigious Karolinska Institutet in Sweden where he was the postgraduate coordinator and course developer for ambulance nurses and nurse anaesthetists.

Since his arrival in Australia in 2005, Haakan completed his Master of Nurse Practitioner Studies (NP) in 2009.

Dr Strand joined UQ 2007. His PhD was in the area of Chronic Disease Management, Multi disciplinary and Nurse Practitioner as care coordinator. Title: Nurse Practitioner-Coordinated Multidisciplinary Care for Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease: A Mixed-Method Study