I chose UQ to complete my degree based on the structure of their nursing and midwifery programs. I am a hands on learner and UQ offered the most practical hours commencing from week five of year one! This was a scary thought but I was well supported by my clinical lecturer and teaching hospital. The other feature that stood out to me was that I would complete all of my placements within one hospital, which I was able to preference. 

I really enjoyed having a balance of theoretical and practical learning experiences. I was with the same small problem based learning group throughout my degree and I learnt a lot from our clinical lecturers that work as nurses or midwives.

I completed placements in a wide ranges of areas - oncology, orthopaedics, children’s medical and surgical, children and youth mental health services along with all areas of the Mother’s hospital including postnatal, antenatal, birth suite, intensive care nursery, breast feeding support and more. This really helped me to find which area I personally liked and wanted to continue working in once I’d graduated.

I feel so passionately about choosing UQ to study my degree based on my personal experience with the course structure along with positive feedback about nursing and midwifery graduates from UQ compared to other universities. I would highly recommend the Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Midwifery dual degree at UQ, particularly for hands on learners like me.

After completing the Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Midwifery, I was offered THREE graduate jobs.  I chose a midwifery graduate consolidation program and I hope to become a clinical midwife or clinical facilitator in the future.  Being able to complete all four years of my degree at the hospital I wanted a job at, and the real life experience and knowledge my clinical lecturers shared with me, definitely helped me to land my dream job.