The Learning Assistance unit at Student Support Services helps students in developing appropriate and effective approaches for exam preparation.

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Examinations can be either Centrally administered or School based. The timing can be mid semester during class, or mid semester outside scheduled class. End of semester; during Exam Period (Central), during Exam Period (School) or outside Exam Period (School)

For further general information in respect to Examination and Assessment, see my.UQ.

Deferred Examination

The University recognises that on occasion a medical condition or other exceptional circumstances may impair your ability to attend an examination at the scheduled date and time.  Depending on the circumstances, you may be eligible for a deferred examination, and be permitted to sit your mid-semester or end of semester examinations at a later scheduled time.

For further information and information about how to apply see: Deferred Examinations

Supplementary Examination

If you fail a course (generally with a grade of three), you may be permitted a second chance to pass the course by being granted a supplementary assessment. Please refer to the specific conditions under which supplementary assessment may be granted as described in the GAR.

For further information see: Supplementary Assessment.

Request for Assessment Remark

  • Students must establish the grounds for a re-mark. Students who are dissatisfied should use the following process:
  • First, approach the marker for comments/feedback. If not satisfied progress to
  • Approach the course coordinator to discuss the mark and the feedback given and seek advice on whether a case for a remark exists.
  • If wishing to proceed with an official remark request, set out in writing the specific grounds for the remark with reference to the assessment criteria and the comments made in light of the content of the paper.
  • Students should enclose the original marked paper and a clean copy of the paper. It must be exactly the same paper that was submitted for marking the first time.
  • Any new mark allocated will replace the original mark whether or not it is higher or lower.

For further Information see my.UQ.

Form to be used: Request for Assessment Remark

Marking and Award of Grades: PPL 3.10.07