School Executive

Head of School
Program Director, Postgraduate Nursing and Midwifery
Professor Helen McCutcheon
Deputy Head of School
Program Director, Social Work, Human Services and Counselling
Professor Karen Healy
Program Director, Undergraduate and Qualifying Nursing and Midwifery Dr Marion Tower
Chair of Teaching and Learning Associate Professor Christine Brown Wilson
Chair of Research and RHD Coordinator Professor Jill Wilson


Program Leads

Bachelor of Human Services Dr Deb Walsh
Bachelor of Nursing Ms Bernadette Watson
Bachelor of Midwifery
Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Midwifery
Dr Ann Peacock
Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) Dr Robyne Le Brocque
Master of Advanced Nursing Dr Anthony Tuckett
Master of Counselling Associate Professor Judith Murray
Master of Mental Health Nursing Mr Will Brennan
Graduate Certificate and Master of Midwifery Dr Ann Peacock
Master of Nurse Practitioner
Master of Nursing Studies
Dr Haakan Strand
Master of Social Work Studies Dr Maree Petersen