Addressing disadvantage amongst older people

Addressing disadvantage amongst older people

Our program of research centres on older people experiencing disadvantage. Underpinning this research is the recognition of the rights of older people to participate in healthy ageing, and as such be housed well with access to community aged care services.  

The work incorporates a number of themes but the central aim is to use research to improve the delivery of health and welfare services in the context of elder abuse, housing, homelessness with particular emphasis on the intersection of the policy areas of housing, health and income security necessary for ensuring wellbeing as people as they age.

The results from this research have implications for how we think about older people living in poverty who are risk of homelessness and have restricted access to community aged care and support. 

This program of research is led by Associate Professor Maree Petersen and includes two major projects:

The life course of older people in precarious housing

A theoretical framework for elder abuse to guide social work practice


Researchers interested in collaborating on this program of research are encouraged to make contact with Maree.