Applying for an extension

Extension requests are submitted online via my.UQ. Extension requests received in any other way will not be approved. Information about applying for an extension can be found at my.UQ.

Extension guidelines

  • Requests must be submitted at least 24 hour prior to the due date as stated in the Course Profile, section 5.1, unless the illness or other medical condition is such that the student cannot reasonably be expected to have applied by the appropriate due date.
  • The illness or exceptional circumstances should be within the period two weeks prior to the advertised due date of the assignment.
  • The extension granted should be in proportion to the period of illness or disruption caused by the exceptional circumstances and will typically be no more than two weeks in duration.
  • Students on a Student Access Plan (Disability) (SAPD) with a clause on extension requests that was agreed by the Course Coordinator must still adhere to the extensions request policy outlined. If medical certificates / supporting documentation were already supplied when the SAPD was agreed, students need to attach the SAPD and a note outlining their current situation.

Outcome of application

Extension requests are generally processed within 2 working days. Students can see the outcome of their application by logging in to my.UQ.

Appeals against a refusal of an extension should be lodged through the grievance process outlined on my.UQ

Penalties for late submission

Assessments submitted late will have 10% of the mark available deducted per day (including weekends and public holidays).

Work submitted more than five days after the due date without an approved extension will not receive a mark.

Please note for pass/fail assessment there is no daily loss of marks.  Assessment that is submitted late is given zero marks.