Researcher biography

Anthony G. Tuckett PhD is Director, Postgraduate Coursework (PGCW) [Nursing, Midwifery] at The University of Queensland (Australia), School of Nursing, Midwifery & Social Work and Program Lead, Master of Advanced Nursing. Anthony is an Associate Editor, Nursing Ethics (Sage). In late 2018 for a 5 year term, Anthony was appointed Member, Nursing & Midwifery Panel of Assesors, Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunel (QCAT).

Anthony undertakes health services research: the multidisciplinary field of scientific investigation that studies how social factors, organizational structures and processes, health technologies, and personal behaviours affect access and quality of to health care, and ultimately our health and well-being. Its research domains are individuals, families, organizations, institutions, communities, and populations. His expertise is qualitative and evaluative research.

He is also a member, Global Citizen Science Research Network (Our Voice: Citizen Science for Health Equity, Stanford Medicine, Stanford University, CA).