Improving social services and health systems

Research priorities

  • the involvement and engagement of stakeholders in research into improving the delivery of health and social services;
  • the design and use of technology to improve health and social services systems; and
  • evaluating and measuring the impact of, and outcomes from, research into improving health and social services.


Internal impacts: enhance the reputation of the school; tangible and measurable outputs for the school; and building of research profiles for individuals, teams and the school.

External impacts: benefits for end users and positive impact on people’s lives.

Answering the question: Does it make a difference?

Staff overview

Staff: Philip Gillingham, Amy Johnston, Helen McCutcheonAnthony TuckettJemma Venables, Jill Wilson

Post docs: Cari Dawn, Susan Nunan, Paul Hickey, Muslimin Wallang, Helen Holloway, Toni Hains, Adam Burston, Grazia Catalano, Suzanne Harris, Bronwyn Herbert, Su-Fen Kwa, Liong-ing Ling

Honorary staff: Gai Harrison, Deb Parker, Margaret Shapiro, Lee Poole, Anne-Louise McCawley, Chez Leggatt-Cook, Sharon Hetherington, Kevin Rouse.

Research projects

Enhancing community knowledge and engagement with law at the end of life

Funding body: ARC Linkage Grant with Cancer Councils in Queensland, NSW and Victoria

Investigators: Professor Ben White, Professor Lindy Wilmott, Associate Professor Cheryl Tilse, Professor Jill Wilson


Transforming information systems design and use in social welfare agencies

Funding body: Australian Research Council Future Fellowship

Investigators: Dr Phillip Gillingham


Lost in Transition: Supporting Young People with Complex Support Needs

Funding body: ARC Linkage


  • Professor Leanne Dowse - Chair Intellectual Disability Behaviour Support, UNSW.
  • Associate Professor Philip Mendes – Associate Professor in Social Work and Director Social Inclusion and Social Policy Research Unit, Monash University.
  • Associate Professor Iva Strnadova - Associate Professor in Special Education, UNSW.
  • Dr Jung-Sook Lee - Senior Lecturer in Social Work, UNSW.
  • Dr Therese Cumming - Senior Lecturer in Special Education, UNSW.
  • Professor Pamela Snow – Professor and Head of the Rural Health School, La Trobe University.
  • Dr Louisa Smith – Lecturer in Intellectual Disability Behaviour Support, UNSW.
  • Dr Kathy Ellem – Senior Lecturer, NMSW, UQ


The effectiveness of digital story telling as a tool for change: Learning about inclusive policies and practices from people with disabilities

Funding body: Griffith University

Investigators: Harris Paul; Allen Connie; Sunderland Naomi; Burgess Ashley; Gallagher Hilary; Griffith University, Dr Kathy Ellem, UQ; Jen Barrkman, QDN


Elder abuse screening in the ED

Funding body: in progress

Investigators: Lee Poole, Anne-Louise McCawley, Chez Leggatt-Cook, Helen McCutcheon, Jill Wilson


Citizen Science in the Food Pantry

Funding body: in progress

Investigators: Sharon Hetherington, Kevin Rouse, Anthony Tuckett, Helen McCutcheon


Inter-agency responses to child protection concerns following domestic & family violence: The perspective of domestic & family violence practitioners

Funding body: School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work, The University of Queensland

Investigators: Dr Jemma Venables 


Evaluation of ReNew: A program for boys and mothers affected by domestic violence

Funding body: Department of Communities

Investigators: CI O’Leary, CI Boddy, CI Venables, Young (RA)


Emergency response and outreach for young people under child protection orders: The perspective of service users and practitioners regarding service delivery

Funding body: Community Living Association

Investigators: Dr Jemma Venables


Building resilience and supporting foster-care placements: Using a group-work informed camp model to strengthen the young person’s care team

Funding body: Kyabra

Investigators: CI Venables, CI Wilson

HDR students




Project Title/Description

Bronwyn Herbert


Associate Professor Cameron Parsell, Professor Jill Wilson

Understanding the life course events and trajectories of people who have experienced homelessness with their family as children

Suzanne Harris


Professor Jill Wilson, Dr Deborah Lynch

Defining advocacy in the context of family centred care for children who are diagnosed as deaf or hard of hearing

Paul Hickey


Professor Jill Wilson, Dr John Drayton, Professor Robert Bland

Social inclusion as a clinical concept in mental health social work

Su-Fen (Karen) Kwa


Professor Jill Wilson. Professor Michele Foster.

An exploration of patient participation in long-term mechanical ventilation initiation decision-making in Singapore

Fiona Jarrett


Professor Jill Wilson, Dr Maree Petersen

Action Research Supported Accommodation

Madonna Nicoll PhD

Dr Judith Burton, Dr Jennifer Mays, Dr Marie Knox, Dr Kathy Ellem

A life lived with support: A narrative exploration with people with intellectual disability of their constructions of paid support relationships
Lisa Hamilton PhD

Dr Mark Brough, Dr Marie Knox, Dr Kathy Ellem

Within these walls: An ethnography of home at Lake House
Sarah MacDonald PhD

Professor Jill Wilson, Dr Kathy Ellem

Experiences of Young People with Intellectual Disability Making the Transition to Adult Life from Out-of-Home Care

Helen Holloway PhD Professor Helen McCutcheon, Associate Professor Deborah Parker The Sustainability of Evidenced Based Pain Management Practices in Aged Care
Susan Nunan PhD Professor Helen McCutcheon, Dr Nancye Peel, Dr Timothy Henwood Evaluating the validity, reliability and feasibility of a falls risk assessment tool recommended for use in Australian residential aged care facilities. A mixed methods study.
Toni Hains PhD

Dr Haakan Strand, Prof Catherine Turner, Dr Yu Gao

The Role of the Non-Medical Surgical Assistant in Australia
Cienwen Town PhD

Dr Haakan Strand, Dr James Johnson, Professor Adrien Van Zundert

Ultrasound-Guilded Regional anaesthesia in Patients receiving Split SkinGrafting for Upper Limb Burn Injuries: A Prospective Randomized Study
Karen O’Maley PhD

Professor Helen McCutcheon, Dr Haakan Strand

Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson and Motor Neurone Disease
Natalie Bailey MPhil Dr Anthony Tuckett, Dr Robert Eley A mixed method single case study exploration of the flexible ward practice environment and its impact on Registered Nurses
Hui (Grace) Xu PhD Dr Anthony Tuckett, Associate Professor Peter Newcombe, Dr Robert Eley Staff stress management strategies in emergency department

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Kevin Rouse and Sharon Hetherington, Burnie Brae

Anne-Louise McCawley, Metro South Hospital and Health Service

Lee Poole, Queensland Health

Chez Leggat-Cook, Uniting Care Community 

David O'Toole, Kyabra

Chloe Warrell and Morrie O'Connor, Community Living Association


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