Electronic submission

All assessment tasks other than non-text based assessment pieces must be lodged online through the course Blackboard site (e.g. via Turnitin).

Assessments must be submitted by the due date and time, as specified in the relevant ECP (5.1) and the course Blackboard site.

Hard copy submission

Only non-text based assessment pieces such as counselling aids, physical posters, and skills DVDs may be submitted, as directed by the course coordinator and ECP. These items need to be accompanied by an ‘Assessment Cover Sheet (DOCX, 22.2 KB)’ and are to be submitted in the  ‘Assignment Deposit’ box on level 3 of the Chamberlain Building no later than 4pm on the due date.

Mailed non-text based assessment must be ‘postmarked’ and mailed on or before the date that the assessment is due.

Penalties for late submission

Penalties apply for all pieces of assessment that are submitted late when an extension has not been granted. The relevant penalty is stated in the ECP under section 5.4 or 5.3.