Professional education for health and social services

Research priorities

The theme researchers are drawn from diverse areas of academia and practice but share a common interest in education in and across tertiary and practice settings. Researchers and scholars aspire to create change through education by prioritising research and scholarship in 4 areas:

  • Developing interprofessional education
  • Progressing innovations in teaching and learning
  • Enhancing health literacy through education
  • Professional development of current and future workforces through education


Internal impacts: enhance the reputation of the school; tangible outputs for the school; and building of research profiles for individuals, teams and the school.

External impacts: benefits for end users and positive impact on people’s lives.

Answering the question: Does it make a difference?

Staff overview

Theme leaders: Marion Tower and John Drayton

Ms. Alison Bourke

Ms. Amanda Cottle (PhD student)- Amanda’s current PhD research specifically seeks to identify factors that influence initial employment outcomes – including self-perceived factors as well as identifying cultural and professional factors that either support employment or indeed present barriers to employment. She also supports the Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences in teaching and curriculum development, with a current focus on interprofessional education through a multidisciplinary core course. On completion of her PhD Amanda is keen to undertake postdoctoral work around workforce development and situates her career trajectory in this research stream.

Ms. Angelique Zamora – Angelique has been involved in supervising nursing students on international student placements and aims to relate her future PhD studies to this area of Health Professional Education. Angelique intends to produce research output through performing scoping studies in relation to her field of interest. Her future research endeavours to contribute to the development of teaching and learning practices in clinical learning environments both in Australia and internationally. Furthermore, Angelique has a background of research in the field of dementia particularly in the role of the carers of people with dementia.

Dr. Ann Peacock

Ms. Bernadette Watson

Ms. Christine Kwong

Ms. Christine Saxby

Dr. Debby Lynch

Dr. Debora Osborne – Debora teaches into the Masters of Nursing Studies Program. She has an interest in how students learn, and investigating and researching new ways in which to engage students in learning.  Debora has previously published in areas such as assessment, and is currently exploring the ways in which academic generosity impact student professional development.


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